А house in the mountain- the palace of light

October 24, 2011 Comments Off on А house in the mountain- the palace of light

This beautiful house rises in the Aran Valley, surrounded by mountains and it is not far away from a village of stone houses. Its owner discovered that the house is not affected by the wind, years and the severe weather. Even though the house was antique, the new owner had it repaired thoroughly and conscientiously.
He fulfilled his dream: to have a mountain house, full of light. Sometimes desires become miracles. It’s a pure chance to have a shining light in the   Pyrenees. Some people say that miracles are nothing, but well-made concepts, constructive decisions and great strategies.
These large windows are not typical of this type of construction, however, the owner was determined to have them and here we go. Authentic windows are like giant doorways to the most beautiful scenery. Sure, you will tell me, that the palace is beautiful, but it is cold, even though it has a double glazing. Okay, I tell you, but what about the heat? Can this heating  fight the cold weather? It can, especially if it is designed for heating a house in the most effective way.  Again, I ask you to look at the photos and see the area under the windows. You can see how a radiator is installed below a solid wood shelf and it fits perfectly into the space. In the lounge, the dining room (you see with your own eyes) and in the bedroom, there is a perfect heating, so warm and comfy atmosphere is guaranteed.
The light in my opinion is the focal point of this house and it’s the light that makes it special and unique. But there are more ideas that we can apply, especially in regard to the use of materials. The floor joists on the first floor and attic ceilings are covered with oak finishings in  simplified tones (and bright, with golden reflections, also in regard of the light). In this way the spaces are warm and welcoming, and it seems that somebody invites us to sit here and enjoy the views of the valleys and mountains. The stone, a key element in the exterior, is applied in an open interior decoration to highlight an element in the room or draw attention to a particular space. What a great pleasure to have a spacious and airy bedroom with a view over the valley! It’s fantastic to jump out of bed and take a bath while looking at the sky! It is fabulous how the walls are turned into glass from the roof!

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