30 Relaxing Bathroom Design Ideas

June 4, 2010 Comments Off on 30 Relaxing Bathroom Design Ideas


Relaxation can be achieved in a variety of forms. For today we put together a collection of 30 amazing bathroom designs that are meant to release pressure. Whether it is the shape of the bathtub that makes a difference, the inspiring decorative objects or the view that can be admired, these bathrooms all have something in common with relaxation. Some interiors are rich in green arrangements, which add freshness and invigorate the place. We also tried to find a few bathroom designs that have a special color theme. We noticed that wood has a great effect in modern decors- take the first picture for example- as it adds authenticity and personality.

traditional-beautiful-bathroom-design-corner-bath-tubtraditional-beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-bathtub traditional-beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-besides-window traditional-beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-white traditional-beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-with-fire-place tumblr_ksrsw6IV9p1qzklyno1_500 amazing_bathroom_5 amazing-bathroom amazing-bathroom-2 bathoom121 bathroom-5 bathroom-13 bathroom-020 bathroom20_big BathroomBlackBath bathroom-design-ideas-rustic-modern-style-gunni-thumb bathrooms8 bathrooms21greta-interior-cappellini laufen-mimo-washbasin-bathroom-design laufen-red-bathroom-588x560 LuxuryContemporaryBathroomByMYA mastella-vanity-interior-view modern-bathroom-design-0 modern-bathroom-design-10-582x432 modern-bathroom-idea-jacuzzi-aura-bath modern-minimalist-bathroom-trends-1a oriental-hydrotherapy-whirlpool-tubs-from-kasch-500x440


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