5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Kitchens Value

November 16, 2012 Comments Off on 5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Kitchens Value

It is not only those who are trying to sell their homes who are interested in increasing their kitchen’s value. It can just be satisfying for property owners to have a kitchen that they know adds monetary as well as practical value to their home. It does not need take a huge investment or commitment to improve the value of a kitchen. Here are 5 simple things that people can do to achieve this aim:

Give the Kitchen a Makeover

The fixtures in a kitchen make a huge difference to its perceived value. This would include things like taps and sinks. If these are fixtures are in bad shape, they can cheapen the look of the whole kitchen. It is possible to replace these relatively cheaply, and it will usually increase the value of the kitchen far more than what was actually spent.

Add Accessories

It is probably not a good idea to clutter the kitchen too much with accessories, but adding items, like an attractive kitchen bin, will brighten up the look of the place. When buying accessories it is a good idea to consider how they are going to fit in with what is already there. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to take a picture of your kitchen, and add an appropriately sized image of the accessory you are thinking of purchasing. Those people who are good with computer photo software will find this easy to do.

Fix and Clean Up Existing Accessories

If kitchen accessories look broken or messy, it will take away from the overall value of this room. This would include things like cabinet doors that are almost hanging off, and cookers that are covered in grime. Fixing these items, and doing a complete spring clean, takes a bit of time and effort, but this can be more than repaid by the increase in value it will give to the kitchen.

New Kitchen Floor

The main reason for why home owners can feel reluctant about putting in a new kitchen floor is that it sounds expensive. It is true that hiring in a professional company to do this work can charge an arm and a leg, but it is possible to buy do-it-yourself kits that are not too expensive.

Add More Storage Space

One way to reduce the clutter in a kitchen is to add more storage space. This should make this area more appealing to the eye, and thus increase its value.

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