A Collection Of Stylish And Elegant Lamps

May 20, 2010 Comments Off on A Collection Of Stylish And Elegant Lamps


Who says that sponge cloths will never have another function than being a sponge? The creation of German studio Ett la Benn, a collection of elegant lamps called Malva has illuminations made by frying out sponge cloths over molds. The results are stylish and elegant lamps that will not only provide homes with elegant and warm illuminations but will also surely form part of any contemporary home’s interior design. The lamps’ stylish design made it a great addition to any existing home décor and will surely compliments with a home’s existing furniture sets flawlessly. Available in a shade of black and white, the collection is a perfect addition to any color theme. –via

malva-lamps1 malva-lamps2 malva-lamps3 malva-lamps4 malva-lamps5 malva-lamps6

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