A dream in Marrakech

December 21, 2011 Comments Off on A dream in Marrakech

 Les Cinq djellabas in Marrakech, is a special hotel for those who believe that they have tried all the exoticism of the Red City. There is a thin line between tradition and modernity, between the Arab and black Africa, but definitely here you will find a new experience.
You can get to Marrakech and have no desire to visit the magical city? Is there something that can make you forget the the square of the Fnaa Djema and magnificent Saadian Tombs? Surprisingly, yes. This is a newly opened hotel, hidden in the palms, and it is accessed by a secret path which makes it even quieter. A paradise where you would like to stay forever.
Comfort is of utmost importance at this hotel.  French and Moroccan spirit unite to achieve a magical atmosphere where attention is reserved for pure kindness and discretion. Subtle features such as iron-based rail construction, the white panel geometric poetry speak for the art which is second to none. The silence is disturbed only by the singing of the birds of The Palm.
The architecture features a particular set of volumes that create space.
The pool design is a hit with the aim of creating a peaceful bath: different depths allow easy access and swimming.

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