A rustic house, a mixture of tradition and modernity

October 12, 2011 1

This house definitely catches the eye. One need to look at the walls and will find out how this house has survived over the years. This rustic house is an example how everything that is done with love and care can be transformed in something amazing. The atmosphere of the house makes us calm down and we feel the warmth of this charming and discreet home.

The first thing that catches the attention are all the traditional elements which are beautiful and well-appointed: in our case the reconstruction of the wooden ceilings guarantees lifetime  warmth and comfort. The traditional stone walls are preserved and they are simply retouched where needed. Yet, this rural house convey trust and ensure protection against the climate changes.

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  1. Rodrick Albaugh October 19, 2011 at 11:18 AM -

    Couldn’t agree more and I think a lot of people could benefit from this advice. Everything also depends on the individual as well.