Aero Glass Collection for a minimalist kitchen

March 6, 2013 Comments Off on Aero Glass Collection for a minimalist kitchen

This kitchen collection consists of Aero Glass modern kitchen furniture structures mounted on high density boards with tempered glass panels with subtle finishes. One can appreciate the completely smooth outer surface, and the unobtrusive minimalist style. But best feature of these modern kitchens is the ability to hidden everything which is not used. This is achieved with the cabinets and the mechanism of closing the doors. It is a great solution for those homes in which the area is always insufficient.
The doors of the large cabinets use a spring locking system, so that they remain hidden when open and they let the light brighten the interior. They are made of oak lumber and their production is a result of a traditional manufacturing process, with a finish that has a natural lacquer surface. These doors are a nice contrast to the rest of furniture in the kitchen.

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