An epitome of the originality in architecture- The Pentagonal House

February 14, 2011 Comments Off on An epitome of the originality in architecture- The Pentagonal House

The Pentagonal House has been recently constructed by Kazuya Morita Architecture. This building is a symbol of exquisiteness and really provokes our creative perception of residential symmetries. This original project ideally suits a young couple who wish to accommodate near Nagoya, Japan. The layout of the building is designed in a unique fashion in order to fit in the surrounding buildings. The main distinctive feature of this architectural artwork is the contemporary appearance which provokes respect and pure harmony. The geometry of the plan is finished to provide the maximum space in the site and sufficient open space around it. The arrangement of five main structural walls makes it possible to reach the outside space from the interior area. The unusual geometry which represents a technology and philosophy is only one of the building’s main features. Architects tried to employ the usual wooden structure system which is used in most modern Japanese houses. Walls are perfectly finished with Japanese traditional white plaster. The touching sunlight exudes hospitality in all rooms of the house and transparent light makes the interiors even more impressive. Actually the picture is incomplete due to the lack of privacy which is not big issue for the couple.

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