And baby Makes Three

March 30, 2011 Comments Off on And baby Makes Three

It is a wonderful time and I remember it well: expecting your first baby and that intoxicating mix of excitement and fear that you share with your other half, like the best secret you ever had. Once you get past the morning sickness that is, and of course the embarrassing stage when your fledgling bump just makes it look like you ate all the pies.

At home there is a lot to think about, and it is quite frankly one of the best shopping opportunities you will ever have! Top of the list after enormous jeans with the weird stretchy bit at the waist that you can’t imagine ever filling, are of course the pram and the nursery.

When you convert a bedroom into a nursery not only do you have to decide on your colours and a theme but you absolutely have to focus seriously on the practical aspects. After purchasing a cot, crib or Moses basket to start your little one off in you might want to think about where you are going to sleep. Double beds in the nursery are the ideal solution as it means you can sleep near your baby in comfort and allow your partner (who has to get up for work in the morning) to get a bit more sleep in peace.

Sofa beds in the nursery are a fantastic idea if you want to use the room for more than just sleeping: playroom by day and extra adult sleeping space by night. This is particularly useful when your baby gets a little bit older and no longer wakes up in the night. By this time a bed will be less use, whilst a sofa will come in handy all the time. You can always offer an overnight stay on the sofa bed to the grandparents as well when they are babysitting and you are taking a well earned break. Perfect!

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