Anton’s House- natural light and large sliding doors

July 13, 2011 Comments Off on Anton’s House- natural light and large sliding doors

This single family house is pretty attractive due to the simplicity of the forms. Anton’s House is located on a farm that occupies 2 hectares in Zamora, Spain. It also has a vineyard and a beautiful garden full of chestnuts, walnuts, pines and oaks.

The house is constructed with solid concrete blocks, but the flat roof is supported by walls which leave a large space in the north and south facade. Thus, the living room of the house is opened to the outside world and it’s wonderful that in summer it is easily accessible by glass sliding doors and metal exterior panels.

The dining room and the kitchen share a large space, but they both lead to the bathroom and bedroom. If you closely examine the photos of Anton’s House, you will see that it is designed to be a holiday accommodation or weekend retreat.

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