Aquis: electronic tap by Iqua

July 20, 2011 Comments Off on Aquis: electronic tap by Iqua

The design which we are about to present is ready to conquer the traditional design of your bathroom.  Actually it is a pure technology which takes full control of the water in the sink and it carries the attractive name AQUIS: a model of an electronic faucet, produced by the Swiss company Iqua. The innovative tap makes us think about the way we should run all the taps, namely by a motion sensor. This method is perfect for saving water and keeping the highest level of hygiene.

In the front of the tap you will a screen which tells the water temperature and the amount of water consumed. As you may guess, this is essential for the  eco conscious consumers. In addition, this automatic  tap has a safety device that shows a warning signal when the temperature reaches 42 º C and it instantaneously stops the flow of water.

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