Arbre Blanc: Residential tower in Montpellier

March 14, 2014 Comments Off on Arbre Blanc: Residential tower in Montpellier

The project of this 17-story tower was the winner in the Architectural Folie at the 21st Century architecture competition in the French city Montpellier. We are glad to present the Torre Arbre Blanc (White Tree) , a building designed for housing, but it also has a restaurant and an art gallery on the ground floor, offices and bar with panoramic views and community space on the roof. The position of the tower is quite strategic, it is between the city center and the new districts of Port Marianne and Odysseum which overlook the sea, mountains and the river Lez .
This tower has the character of the Mediterranean lifestyle, but also represents the Japanese culture. Each owner will be able to choose from several configurations, considering that there are bedrooms of different size. This public building which definitely be of interest for tourists visiting the city.
The tower is built like a tree due to the natural resources which are available locally. The purpose was to minimize the carbon footprint and incorporate passive design strategies that do not interfere with the comfort. The apartments could maintain cooler temperature owing to the smart use of solar chimneys.

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