Architectural wonder the Museum Jøssingfjorden

November 25, 2011 Comments Off on Architectural wonder the Museum Jøssingfjorden

Good architecture should not only be assessed if only forms serve its functions and also the way the architecture communicates with the environment. We found an interesting project for a museum for a design competition in Norway that meets these concepts in a special way, creating a ‘hybrid building’ that utilizes architecture engineering, custom designed for a spectacular fjord of Jøssingfjorden.
The museum is a building that should also serve as a point of cultural interest and it welcomes tourists who come to enjoy the scenery, but this proposal makes the most of the design, allowing the visitor to perform a wide range of activities along the bridge connecting the two mountains: walking and taking pictures outdoors, go to the forest, the mountains, attend a lecture, participate in workshops, eat in the restaurant …
It is an idea which, according to its authors, is consistent with the requirements called for the contest. The premises throughout the building allow maximum performance take the panoramic views of the place. A tower provides a vertical communication between the reception building and lower bridge, in which lateral windows are not calculated to support its structure, which is partially suspended from 6 cables (this detail is not seen in the   drawings).

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