Architectural wonders- Michael Maltzan Proposal for St. Petersburg

December 14, 2011 Comments Off on Architectural wonders- Michael Maltzan Proposal for St. Petersburg

We will present you an idea from the International Competition St. Petersburg (Florida, USA). This proposal is called “The Lens” and has been developed by Michael Maltzan. The architectural idea was created in collaboration with the team of Tom Leader Studio and they follow the approach below:
‘’For us, the meaning of spring cannot be easily described, but it’s an element that connects the center of St. Petersburg with its waterfront. “

This is probably the key feature that attracted the jury when deciding to choose one of the three selected ideas. Yes, the jury was particularly attracted by the idea of  not renewed influence in the city that goes beyond the coastline.

To replace the current dock, the team of Michael Maltzan and his colleagues have opted for a large structure which looks like a magnifying glass over the water, formed by a membrane concrete, with a profile that looks like the one of the sails and ships, and is crossed by two paths at various levels. It would obviously be a new icon for St. Petersburg and it will establish the relationship with the water  and serve as a vital and active area for the residents.

The new structure provides a variety of experiences to visitors who come by foot, bike or boat.

The green promenade is connected with the port towards the coast and creates  a wide range of recreational experiences, both on land and in water: new marina, beaches, lagoons. The proposal adds a large amphitheater with open spaces, connecting the beach with a new area of cafes and kiosks. The project is designed to be a water park.
Instead of attempting to conduct a study on the preservation of flora and fauna of the coast, the new project includes some interesting strategies for sustainability:
• Increase the quality of water by collecting storm water and reducing water usage by 75%, including irrigation and domestic use. Top priorities are filtering and recycling of wastewater.
• Desalination of sea water, using solar energy, which evaporates the water. The excess energy is used for the lighting of the place.
Do you like this fantastic idea?

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