Architecture and interior design: House South Yarra

November 30, 2011 Comments Off on Architecture and interior design: House South Yarra

his home is located in a very chic area where architecture and life are absorbed in each other. The design of this home reflects what is happening in the area.
Colors and natural light make the interiors more striking that what the eye can catch. Surely the top of the house attracts the attention of everyone who passes the street. The use of geometric shapes for the architectural elements is also a wise idea. The glass also plays an important role by allowing the indoor and outdoor spaces to be more connected. Also, it allows the natural light to go through the house and apart from boosting your vital energy, it is also a great resource for energy saving.
To save even more energy, the house also boasts solar panels, copper and glass windows so that the heat is not lost in winter.
The house consists of an exterior garage, 4 bedrooms, a , a , a large kitchen that opens up access to the huge courtyard.
The kitchen and occupy the same space that is particularly modern and airy. Surely you will pay attention to the chair in “L” shape as it is a nice place where to enjoy a good movie on a screen located on a modern fireplace. The colours chosen for the space are dark gray and a combination of orange nuances that elegant and modern at the same time. This  house is colourful and modern, but what we like most are spacious and bright spaces.

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