Art and Culture Center in Qingdao

November 13, 2013 Comments Off on Art and Culture Center in Qingdao

Qingdao is a city in the Chinese province of Shandong, a major coastal port (with access to the Yellow Sea) , an industrial centre, but it will soon stand out from other places in China since the interesting Art and Culture Center emerged as an idea from a competition. That’s right, this has been a contest which neither OMA nor Zaha Hadid managed to win. The prize this time has been won by Steven Holl Architects. The project will cover an area of 185.000m2 and it will be built in the grounds of a new urban extension to house 700,000 residents, the design reflects an original idea for a path that connects three cubic volumes.
Future facilities for Art and Culture Center of Qingdao include four different museums (Modern Art, Public Art , Classic Art and Performing Arts ) and a hotel. The module which will go through the premises has a width of 20 meters, allowing side lighting to the galleries at the lower level and it provides enough space so that we can recognize two parallel galleries which prevent the end of the circle. In addition, the project includes the design of a beautiful parkland which integrates various ponds. We recognize the architecture which comes with the landscape in mind.
To reduce the energy consumption, the architects have decided to dot the entire roof with lights that consume only 80 % of the energy. Of course, the pond water will be also recycled. The geothermal energy will be used for heating and cooling the entire cultural center.

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