Ático Bondi- impressive Art Deco building transformation

July 20, 2012 Comments Off on Ático Bondi- impressive Art Deco building transformation

This project is a great example of how an old Art Deco building with sweeping views of Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia), can be completely transformed. Once you see the photos, you will be instantly captivated by this place.
You need to see first floor plan to better understand how it relates the apartment with the rest of the building. The art deco apartment can be accessed from a lift or centrally located spiral staircase.
Thenew entrance has been finished with a lightweight metal frame, which is coated with metal elements painted in white, accompanied by large glazed openings. It is interesting that even though there is a sloping glass facade, there are sliding doors to access the terrace. We find elegant consistency in the interior everywhere in the building.
The design of this modern penthouse also features curved elements, both in the bathroom, the wall in the entrance hall and the stairs.
Look at the photo gallery and tell us what you think about this marvellous design!

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