Autodesk Offices in Milano – new office atmosphere

March 29, 2013 Comments Off on Autodesk Offices in Milano – new office atmosphere

Autodesk has requested from Goring & Straja Architects to design the interiors of a new office within an existing condominium complex. Autodesk would like their offices to achieve a high level of sustainability while they would also combine Italian elegance and an International spirit.
The LEED-CI Gold certification is based on green design strategies such as sufficient natural light, energy efficient lighting, daylight sensors and occupancy, low-flow plumbing and furniture finishes and low VOC. The design team reused as many existing elements in the space as possible, the floors, wooden ceilings and wall panels. More than 40 percent of construction materials were manufactured in the same region and more than a quarter of the elements have been produced by recycle material, and over 80 % of the construction waste was recycled. Since Italy is well known for its impressive industrial design, furniture and equipment, the inspiring Italian lighting fixtures are only some of the things you will like.
Actually we are referring to the Itaian fine craftsmanship, a long wall connecting the two floors is covered with handmade Venetian plaster. The green colours of the wall and the warm wooden nuances contrast with the dominant interior color which is white. The graphic design of the walls and the drawings are delivered by renowned Italian designers who actually used the Autodesk software. To embody the connection between Autodesk’s digital tools and the design history, modern interior elements such as concrete benches, sliding glass doors and telephones are detailed with the forms of pre-digital drawing tools like protractors, triangles and templates.

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