Bamboo Houses – the power of the nature

April 24, 2013 Comments Off on Bamboo Houses – the power of the nature

The Vietnamese firm H & P Architects has submitted a proposal for a house that resists the rising waters in the area. The building has an affordable design, it is easy to install and is on the local bamboo wood. The houses are built on platforms that allow them to float during a flood, but without leaving the place without any anchors.
Bamboo was chosen as a predominant material not only because it is abundant in the region, but also because it is versatile, durable and traditional. The walls are reinforced by steel structures, holding the home during floods, and therefore the structure functions as anchored boats in the area.
The horizontal doors on both sides of the house create a splendid views to the open patio. When the weather is not sunny, these parts might be closed to protect the residents inside.
Apart from the smart protection against storms, these houses also have vertical gardens. Each of the houses can be further customized to accommodate families of six or more family members.

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