Bathroom design by the company Alape

October 22, 2012 Comments Off on Bathroom design by the company Alape

Our bathroom can also be a space where absolutely every detail is deliberately intended to create a particular style according to our tastes. Following this concept, the company Alape offers a selection of bathroom furniture, finished with statin glass, wood or extraordinary textured surfaces.
The manufacturer offers 40 colors, a wide variety of materials and surfaces, in order to make it easy to create different configurations. This makes it possible for everyone to complete with the appropriate choice of furniture, accessories and lighting. Glass surfaces feature shiny satin and glass in white, green, gray, or even brown tones.
Options are even expanded, because apart from white and black finishes, we see pieces, completed with graphite brown and cream. Wooden countertops are now better protected against scratches due to the embossed surface, available in wenge, gray oak and walnut. The new finishes feature better textures, because its textured surface allows the wood to stand out from other patterns.

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