Beachfront Bungalow Style House for Rent in Baja, Mexico

July 16, 2010 Comments Off on Beachfront Bungalow Style House for Rent in Baja, Mexico

Gregori Residence and Beach House, located in Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico is a beach-lovers dream house. This beachfront bungalow-style house designed by Gracia Studio is simple in its composition and construction materials, focusing more on the views – and rightly so! The mountains sit on one horizon, and the waves on the other, and at the center this low-profile house spreads out across the sand. Outdoor living spaces make the most of this home’s heavenly surroundings. Expansive folding-glass doors open onto a large deck with a pool – a refreshing refuge from the sweltering sun. A grass-woven awning and screens provide shade, and are the perfect complement to the tiled facade and interiors. If you’re not lucky enough to live here, perhaps you can revel in it, if but for a while – the beach house is offered as a vacation rental property as well. Gracia Studio.


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