Bedrooms in vintage sBedrooms in vintage style

December 12, 2011 Comments Off on Bedrooms in vintage sBedrooms in vintage style

 To make a real vintage décor, it is necessary to have some spare time. Nowadays it is very easy to find some antique elements in furniture stores, auctions or second hand shops. There we find relics of the past.
It is also necessary to note that the term vintage applies to many things which can include many different styles, but there is a huge difference between the decoration of  20ties to 70ties, so it also depends on the tastes of those who are dedicated to interior decor.
What are the key pieces of vintage bedrooms?

Something important for almost all years of the last century is the wallpaper. Almost all the old houses were covered with several different designs. Most of them gave more color and they provided comfort through warm visual appearance. If you wish to finish your vintage bedrooms stylishly, then on the walls you can even put some frames with black and white photographs.

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