BIG designs the Museum of the Human Body in Montpellier

November 25, 2013 Comments Off on BIG designs the Museum of the Human Body in Montpellier

BIG , the famous Danish architectural studio , has competed with other talented architects (A + Architecture, Egis , Base, CCVH etc. ) in an international ideas competition for the future architecture of the Museum of the Human body in Montpellier (France ) where the visitors can explore the human body through interactive exhibitions and public presentations.
An area of 7.800m2 of the building would be used as a land of an urban park, using a powerful, modern facility that will assist the integration with nature walkable roof gardens. The architects have been also inspired by the nature, they would shape the eight volumes of the museum which are very similar and at the same time different from each other. Since we are used to many of the solutions proposed by modern architecture, we are not surprised that the detail is only perceived from an aerial view.
Another interesting aspect of this museum is its facade: a transparent volume that resembles a fingerprint pattern and it is used to control the amount of natural light which flows into showrooms while it creates a visual relationship with the environment. The main hall will be located in the middle of this impressive structure and all the spaces will be connected with a corridor. Visitors will access the museums through five additional entrances.
The project is planned to start in 2016 and the Museum of the Human Body is expected to be opened two years later. The museum will focus on the presentation of the human body, it will host different exhibitions, workshops and other activities in order to present the human body from an artistic and scientific point of view.

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