Black Desert House: stunning architecture in black

February 12, 2014 Comments Off on Black Desert House: stunning architecture in black

We today have a journey in National Park Joshua Tree ( California) where we find a completely black house. We have found this more elaborate project that is called Black Desert House. This architecture wonder is being used as a rental space for specific professional activities (fashion, photography, advertising …), but can you live in a house in which even your pool tiles are black?
Perhaps the most interesting part of this building is the contrast with the beautiful rocks and, of course, the different panoramic views that are revealed through its large windows. The house takes advantage of the topography, hence the garage is located at the basement level, distributing the rest of the spaces on one floor. Yet, all rooms are located at different levels, so that the living room is situated a few steps below the kitchen and the dining room, the master bedroom and the other two bedrooms are on the upper level of the house.
Outside the house we recognize three distinct areas: the pool is well located in the sunniest part, there is a triangular terrace next to the kitchen and a protected central courtyard which can withstand winds from all directions.
Note that most glass facades of the living room and the dining area are north facing, while the kitchen is protected from the direct sunlight in the morning.
The Black Desert House

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