Bluff House: a holiday home by Robert Young

February 4, 2013 Comments Off on Bluff House: a holiday home by Robert Young

The Bluff House is located on top of a cliff in Montauk (New York, USA). It is, surrounded by forests, wetlands, and water. Perhaps this is why the client has requested to keep as many views as possible, and have a minimum impact on the landscape. This construction should also work with all the comforts of a vacation home at any time of year.

Bluff House is also one of those cottages that perfectly fit into the idea of the uneven land: the main entrance is on the upper level, just down the slope of the hill, but the garage is located on the lower level. There is a garden which leads the way to the door, and a backyard where we find a swimming pool, and the facade which has the best sea views.

The structure of the house consists of two volumes, one for the living room, dining room and kitchen, and another one for bedrooms and bathrooms. Along with a home office room, we find the master bedroom, which has an interesting bathroom with an outdoor shower. The other two bedrooms are located downstairs, and they communicate with each other, although they maintain separate entrances. The analysis of floor plans reveals that the direction of the staircases outside continues also inside.

The structure of the building is metallic, and is exposed in many areas. The wooden finishes predominate both inside and outside, and the metalwork of the facades remains the same finish and colour as the main structure.


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