Brahler House: renovation symbiosis

March 3, 2014 Comments Off on Brahler House: renovation symbiosis

We today look at this picturesque cottage which surrounded by beautiful trees. It is located in a farm in Bay Village (Ohio), the owner wanted to make a transformation that would improve the interior spaces and put the accent on the natural light. The project includes a new bedroom (treated as suite) utility and an entertainment area in the basement, there are also outdoor spaces at different levels.
The Brahler House has a bedroom upstairs, an entertainment room added to the two courtyards, and the house is fully integrated with the landscape.
The courtyard has been left on the lower level. The upper level is also very bright, but somewhat a typical one. There we find an ensuite bathroom, a small dressing room and a tub which is located behind the bed. This area has been shaped with lots of glass partitions.
The project is also interesting due to the smart use of materials that create traditional residential buildings that do not imitate, but create emotions.


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