Brick Red Environment Friendly Malibu House by Kanner Architects

June 4, 2009 Comments Off on Brick Red Environment Friendly Malibu House by Kanner Architects

Vertically stacked and set into a hillside this Malibu house constructed of environmentally friendly and recycled materials. It has brick red color and structure designed to minimize energy use and maximize solar energy using. It has photovoltaic panels on the roof and concrete floors which gather sun’s energy during the day and releasing it at night. The house is built as two rectangular bars – one has two stories while the other has one store over the garage, it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Most rooms are open on two sides in order to get cross ventilation. Large windows maximize natural light inside of the house to minimize artificial light using. The size of the house is 3300 square feet and thanks to Kanner Architects it became a comfy stunning place to take wonderful views.



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