Bridal Suite in style

May 28, 2012 Comments Off on Bridal Suite in style

This room is located on the top floor of a house in Masnuy-Saint-Jean (Belgium). The room occupies a space of just 30m2, with a width of 3.35meters, but the height is limited by the pitched roof of the building. f the natural light available.

This ‘honeymoon suite’ is a fairly minimalist interior design work, which cleverly leaves the bathroom in the middle, separating the bedroom from the living area, but completely transparent through a curved glass screen. This allows the small space looks as a big area without overwhelming oneself. Everything is white, including the structural elements, except the bathroom floor and the remaining area in front of the cabinets, as it is stylishly finished with red tile texture.

Any wall that is opposite the headboard is a mosaic of mirrors and storage compartments, while the opposite side is finished by a fully glazed wall with a pair of desks on each side of the door. All details on the horizontal line of fluorescent tubes are simply sublime.










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