Bright Miami Apartment With a Wonderful View

March 23, 2011 Comments Off on Bright Miami Apartment With a Wonderful View

This cute, small apartment, located in Miami is designed by Federica Bisazza.She has arranged a real riot of colours as you can see. The white color is the dominant in the overall appearance; however, there are a lot of splashes of other bright colours. Some of them are incorporated in the furniture design by the presence of non-white chairs and beautifully painted parts of walls and ceilings. For instance, the black and white interior of the bedroom looks cozy due to the presence of bright green chairs and an orange floor vase. On the other hand, we can feel the happiness in the room owing to the red color of kitchen countertops. An impressive feature of this apartment is the French windows installed in the rooms. Thus, the premises are visually enlarged, they seen even airy and open a wonderful view.

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