Bring some vivid color for your fireplace

June 2, 2014 Comments Off on Bring some vivid color for your fireplace

Are you wondering how to transform your old dark fireplace into a bright, modern fireplace? It is all possible and you can do it even on a tight budget if you apply a high quality fireplace paint and your creativity.
If the bricks of the fireplace now have a dark brown color, then it’s time for a fireplace makeover. There are several ways to give your home a facelift before the summer. But one of the easiest and cost effective ways to restore the beauty of your fireplace, a true focal point of your home, is to paint it. We will try to provide you with some directions and color ideas to brighten up your fireplace.

To start your fireplace makeover, you will need some (read the right) fireplace tools and supplies. You can buy them online or find them in the nearest store. Some of the most important items you will need are: paint tray, a brush and a paint roller. You also need base coat paint, painting accent, and a sponge. You are free to choose the color of the base coat and paint accent.

My cousin has recently moved a house and one of her toughest tasks was to turn her old brick fireplace into the brightest home piece. She has been looking for some true fireplace before and after photos to find the right painting technique and product. She has browsed through Brick Anew before and after photos which indeed show how some color can make a complete difference. She has chosen Frosted sunshine color, but I would rather experiment with the Twilight Taupe Brick Anew color which brings a sense of warmth and peace (more about the Brick Anew fireplace paint and what’s included in this DYI paint kit you can find on their product page).

So now let’s get back to our project (big thanks to my cousin Sara who inspired me for this post!), start your makeover by cleaning the chimney bricks. Remove any soot, dust or dirt. You can use a a brush if it is too difficult to do this. Then put on the base paint with a paint roller. Then use the paint brush to apply paint to all areas that are not adequately covered by the roller. Allow this base coat to dry for a few hours.
After the primer has dried, you can add the accent paint with a sponge. Cut the sponge to the exact size of the bricks. Moisten with water and squeeze all the water. Pour a small amount of paint, then put the sponge in the paint tray to absorb some paint. Make sure that the same amount of paint is in the sponge. Then press the sponge lightly against each brick. When the paint is dry, you can put an accent to your fireplace to create a bright modern look, a simple way to make a fireplace makeover. Look at the photos below and share with us your color ideas for a fireplace makeover. Can you suggest an easier or more creative way to give your home a new look?

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