Bring the European Style to Your American House

June 26, 2014 Comments Off on Bring the European Style to Your American House

European architecture is beautiful, quaint and has an old country feel to it. Just because you live in America does not mean you can’t have the best of both worlds. You can customize and plan any home to your liking with a unique flair of European features mixed in. Your home will stand out from the “crowd” and will have curb appeal that has all of your friends envious!

This BuildDirect infographic on European Homes versus American Homes brings a helpful visual to accentuate the differences between a London home and a suburban American home. There are many differences between the two, both with their advantages and disadvantages. You have to weigh your options to find what fits your needs.

Here are some common key characteristics to European and American homes.

European Characteristics:

·  Flats (or row homes) with shared backyards, like community parks or gardens.

·  Most residents rely on street parking.

·  Homes are often one or two stories tall.

·  Washers and sometimes dryers (not all have even have a dryer) are usually situated in the kitchen.

·  Homes are generally constructed with stucco, brick, siding or stone finish—and often with more than one material.

·  Most homes are within city limits, located near High Streets (a common street name which is also a street with local primary businesses and retailers). High Street is actually one of the most common street names in many European countries.

·  Smaller and more compact, but with spacious living areas like this apartment in Reykjavik. European homes tend to feature large receiving and living areas.

·  Windows are usually bay windows, shutters and structural/decorative quoins.

·  The structure often features curved windows (i.e. bay windows), walk ways and arcs. This is what gives the castle or old country look to the architecture.

American Characteristics:

·  Many typical American homes are usually detached-style with a private backyard. Most home owners have some sort of private yard versus a shared community area.

·  More often than not, homes will have private off-street garages attached to the home.

·  Homes are generally ranch style, with 1 or 1.5 stories and a front porch area .

·  The washer and dryer are situated in their own laundry room, or they are located in a segregated area in the basement.

·  Homes are commonly built from brick, wood or stucco and also feature batten siding.

·  Often located in the suburbs with local access to strip malls, shopping centers or other commercial shopping.

·  Low and flat roof or one or two focal gables (sloped roofs that create a triangular shape).

·  Large windows and sliding glass doors for natural light.

·  Structurally, home shapes are modern and simple. Most doors, windows and walkways are rectangular or square-shaped.

You can implement your favorite European features into any current home plans you’re working on, or go with a full European style house plans. European home floor plans from allow you to modify your specifications and work with a variety of common features, including copper awnings, stone exteriors or trim, quoins on corners, grand rooms, and formal spaces.


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