Café del Arco- transformation to perfection

September 7, 2011 Comments Off on Café del Arco- transformation to perfection

We  are impressed with the transformation of Spanish café. The great transformation is perfectly achieved, because we believe that the goal is set in the beginning. People who were involved in the project, decided to remove the bounderies between the building itself and the public space.
The place which will enchant you is  Café del Arco (Murcia, Spain), a café  that was built in 1980’s, one of the most famous places in the city. In order not to change something that had already proved that it worked very well, architects decided to keep the stairs and other structural elements  without altering the position of the bar. The new design focuses on incorporating interior elements that would contribute to the overall visual effect of the café which looks like an extension of the square. The architects managed to set the café in the city atmosphere and a piece of the city is also captured in the cafeteria.

The same applies to the texture  which is created in the façade. Used materials are wood and galvanized steel that provide the privacy the visitor would want. Only LED lighting is used in the cafeteria. As you may see from the details on the photos, the vertical garden element which decorates the walls is achieved with fabrics.

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