Children’s Museum – design and creativity by Gruba

September 23, 2013 Comments Off on Children’s Museum – design and creativity by Gruba

Gruba is a team of experts who are dedicated to original architecture and sustainable design. The studio is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its starting point is always the ratio of the reusable materials which could be introduced into their work. Today we will present one of their project , The 0-3 , a space that tries to integrate the game, nature , perception and expression, encouraging the imagination through the senses. The space is located at the Children’s Museum and it occupies an area of 140m2. The development of the project has begun with the analysis of the idea, concepts and proposals. It is a result of a discussion between Gruba and the personnel at the Children’s Museum. The space exhibits different areas, animals and plants typical for the country, we recognize the usual shapes and warm materials which particularly suitable for kids. The proposal consists of three elements: the smooth surface with curves made of different textures, interesting shapes and natural colours. The architectures aimed to discover landscapes of the country through playing games: the textures of the cactus, lizards, mountains and streams etc. The area of the roof is made of wood and a triangular piece of plywood. Look at the photo gallery to be inspired by this magnificent and cultural project.


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