Choose best colours for your room

June 9, 2011 Comments Off on Choose best colours for your room

Something which I find very relaxing after work is getting home and lying on my spacious bed whilst unwinding for about 15 minutes. Next, I take a bath and have a dinner with my family. Yet, sometimes it looks like that the colours of my bedroom do not help me calm down to the greatest extent. A friend of mine shared her opinion that I need to change the colours of my walls and focus on warm nuances which will make me unwind after a stressful day.
It’s a common idea that colours influence our sense of humour and character and this is the reason why we need to look for tones which bring energy and positive emotions.
The choice of the colors of the residential premises where we spend most of our life is not an easy task. Again, we shouldn’t exaggerate, because it’s not so complicated if we think about it. It solely depends on the type of our character, the style which we identify with and the particular emotional moment which we go through.
For instance, if unwinding is all what you are looking for, you’d better choose neutral colours such as cream, white and beige in all variations and combinations. You can achieve energy balance in your room by choosing green, red, blue, orange, gold.
Other alternative, which ideally suits all readers who are looking for a complete change, is painting the walls in colours such as dark blue, green or all nuances which are directly related to the sense of relaxing. To make your residential premises a spacious and cozy bedroom, you can simply paint the walls in bright colours and decorate your room with plush cushions.
Something which helps me make my decision when I’m not sure about the colors which I will choose is buying a sample of each tone that I have chosen.  Then I try each colour on a paper and thus I figure out whether the colour  is too dark or light. This investment will save me a lot of money and nerves since after that I will be certain that I make the right choice. What about you, would you dare to repaint your room to provide a calming atmosphere?

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