City house in Foz do Douro

September 10, 2012 Comments Off on City house in Foz do Douro

This splendid house is built on a rectangular area that connects two streets, in Foz do Douro, a Portuguese city. According to the architect and author, this is a project that takes the natural light and transparency as key elements in their design, intended to create an illusion of continuity between inside and outside areas, as well as providing rich decoration details with an attention to the minimalist concept. We fully agree in this synthesis,this is a beautiful house with nice finishes, some surprising, but also rather provocative. The plans are quite expressionless, so to better understand this House in Foz do Douro we have to take a further look at each floor level. As the streets are at a different level, the entrance is through the floor. With a little imagination and patience, we can guess what bedrooms look like (with bathroom inside). The effect does not become as sophisticated as a window SkyV, but breathes life into a dark closet.
Downstairs we find a large living room, with the dining room on the other side of a black marble surround division, in the style of Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona chair included). The kitchen is at the end of a corridor, but it also communicates directly with the dining room. On this floor there is a main room that receives light from above (with sink difficult to clean in the back), and a bedroom for household (with private bathroom) and two small storage rooms, and a large room located just below the entrance to the house. Next to the stairs there is a space that does not have direct access, but it takes us to the next level.
Whereas we recognize the north-south orientation of the building, there is no doubt that many of the units are going to be exposed to strong sunlight during the summer months, especially the bedrooms. This is the reason that are arranged on the outer face of the venetian blinds walls. Are they controlled electronically? Given the luxury that we can see everywhere in this house, it is quite likely, but what we can do now is to review the photos and have our daily dose of inspiration!

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