Clearview Estate: Luxury Home in Canada

March 5, 2014 Comments Off on Clearview Estate: Luxury Home in Canada

The Clearview Estate in Canada was designed for a local artist. It lies south of Collingwood (Ontario , Canada ), a place with lush vegetation and a pond which is located nearby. This is why customers wanted to integrate the building with the environment in a rather subtle way. It is also a project that incorporates several sustainable technologies, including a geothermal system.
The house has a very large area, developed to take advantage of the beauty of the place as well as being easy to use and functional. The plants near the house benefit from the geographical conditions, the basement level serves as a gateway.
Downstairs we find a main room with a kitchen, a dining and living room and a room specifically designed to be a dining room, a comfortable living room and the master suite. We can not miss to mention the indoor pool which is located in one of the patios. The other 3 bedrooms are located just above the basement, you can access them from the lobby through the corridor. They all have a bathroom inside.
The design team was looking for a way to integrate the project within the environment, so the team considered it appropriate to use a palette of materials that reflect the surrounding nature, and talented designers focused on color changes that are typical for each season.

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