Color combinations for boy rooms

October 21, 2011 Comments Off on Color combinations for boy rooms

Blue is the color of kids and perhaps it should remain the colour of little boys. Many people tend to refuse that they adhere to this classic, but there is doubt that blue is typical for boys and all shades look great. Moreover, blue is also a colour that can be used for many years even when your little boy becomes a teenager.

Combine blue with a neutral tone and use an accent color, it is a good opportunity to use the rule of 60% /blue colour/, 30% /neutral colour/ and 10% /accent colour/ in kid’s rooms.
Blue and green apple
A good combination for furniture is light wood or wood, lacquered in white. We advise you to use various shades of blue, from the mildest to the darkest as this gives variety and brings light to the color chart.

Blue, white and orange

It is comes to painting the walls, we would say that you should use blue or a neutral tone  such as white, sand or gray, but not red as it is too aggressive.
Blue, white and orange
Blue and orange are complementary colors, high contrast can be achieved so that the use of white becomes important. We recommend you to use orange as an accent color. White is best if it is a mixture of white and sandy beige. It can also be combined with gray, but you should be careful as the colour combination may be too cool and unwelcome. Warm colour details are always needed so we advise you to use trendy accessories in lively colours such as   orange, yellow, red or greens.

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