Concrete Home Architecture Decorated with … Sunlight

June 16, 2009 Comments Off on Concrete Home Architecture Decorated with … Sunlight


Designed by architects Cristobal Fernandez and Andres Mas of Mas y Fernandez Arquitectos, the Fleischmann-Ossa House in Santiago, Chile, is a modern design that’s unique for a number of reasons. Home to a young family, this contemporary architecture of concrete, stone, glass and wood was designed with a distinct goal – “to achieve a visual connection between their inhabitants,” according to the architects. That brings us to the next unusual feature of this home – the weird and wonderful windows scattered about the house, offering a view through rooms into other parts of the home. Flooded with sunlight and boasting views of the garden outside, the windows of this modern house design allowed the architects to play with light, transforming it into a decorating tool, so to speak. The structure is divided in two wings, one for service and the other for living and entertaining. Mas y Fernandez Arquitectos
via Arch Daily

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