Condo Tower: with the appearance of a live organism

January 28, 2013 Comments Off on Condo Tower: with the appearance of a live organism

These renderings and plans are for a project of an organism-inspired architecture for multi-family in the city of Lima (Peru). It is called the Condo Tower, a building with an area of 5000m2 and it is designated to accommodate a total of 9 apartments, a penthouse, and an upper deck for the use of the whole family. The house have 17 levels (+ 4 basement floors ), and with a total height of 69 meters.
When describing the characteristics of this block of flats, it is inevitable to mention the curious arrangement and the type of windows: they don’t only have their different size, but also function as three-dimensional objects that give the building the appearance of a living organism. Those strange structures are made of long glass fiber strands which are designed with the orientation and sun exposure in mind. The shape of the tower also completes this idea, giving more creativity to the whole piece, serving as a key part of the structure (reinforced concrete) and helps it create large open spaces inside the building.
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