Corallo house by PAZ architecture

March 28, 2012 1

This family home is situated on a slope and it is arranged in different levels, so it is opened to the surrounding wooden environment of Santa Rosalia (Guatemala City, Guatemala). The house was built quite literally in the forest, because the main areas can even touch the leaves and branches of some trees.

One can get to the house also through the top floor, because there is a small bridge that also leads to the lobby. The roofs also reveal different levels, creating stylish areas, illuminated by the light from some skylights.

Going through the floor plans it is easy to see that this project embraces the luxury, because two of the bedrooms are arranged as suites and the third one is for the personnel. Two spacious suits are also connected to an interesting SPA area where guests and residents can unwind after an exhausting day. Wood, stone and glass are materials which have been used for the construction and we admit that all exceptional finishes cannot leave the building unnoticed.



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  1. Tasha April 10, 2012 at 6:23 AM -

    Stunning architecture and design! The pictures make me want to visit this superb house. Particularly love the idea of the bridge that leads to the lobby!