Cosgriff House – beyond the usual architecture ideas

May 25, 2013 Comments Off on Cosgriff House – beyond the usual architecture ideas

The project for the Cosgriff House retains its original condition as part of the environmental, economic and strategic planning of the area.
Both levels of this house have undergone slight modifications to extrapolate the existing wall alignments, avoid the heights that extend the existing geometries in order to present, reflect and interprete the original form. The eccentric shape of the deck is inspired by the idea to rise toward the light to provide views to the east.
Vaulted ceilings and skylights cut into the original shape of the roof in order to extend the access to the volumes that are covered by the light.
The facilities located on the underground floor allow the direct connection of the living space with the beautiful garden. The upper floor has a bathroom, a master bedroom and it provides the flexibility to be transformed in a studio in the future. The arrangement of windows improves the access to the natural light.

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