Countryside house- your own space and harmony

July 23, 2012 Comments Off on Countryside house- your own space and harmony

We have decided to show you some nice ideas for houses in the countryside. If you have an abandoned house, now it’s the time to revive it and we are sure that you will appreciate the time of being lazy in the hammock in the hot summer day.
The interior of a countryside house is often fresh and welcoming. This can be easily achieved if you choose wooden furniture, mix of textures, large windows that give you a nice view to the landscape and let the natural light fill in your house. Everything outside the house is in green and white.
Luxuriant vines provide welcome shades to the porch and the living room, so undoubtedly you will be very happy to welcome guests. Imagine how nice it is to sit in the garden and chat with your friends while enjoying the lovely shade.
Many countryside house owners often choose a rustic and traditional material such as tiles and paint their homes in white. For others, the priority is to get the most out of the green landscape and let the natural light prevail. It’s lovely if your summer house has no walls inside. Thus, there will be not restrictions between rooms and the family can always keep in touch. Imagine how nice it’s to reinforce your relations!
Countryside houses do not need so many colors, you can opt for the type of décor which emphasizes the visual continuity between spaces, achieved with a reduced color palette and harmonious colors, thus giving the polished concrete material an important role. The honey-colored oak flooring, the white walls and dark woodwork are what complements to the cohesive interiors.

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