Crater-Scraper: cities like asteroid craters

April 1, 2013 Comments Off on Crater-Scraper: cities like asteroid craters

Crater-Scraper is a concept that aims to take advantage of city craters, caused by the impact of asteroids on the Earth’s surface. The idea of creating underground cities in such spaces is not new.

This project is designed to accommodate different sizes of craters, shaping a top structure that resembles a mesh with large holes / patios, allowing the natural light to come into thecity. The core transport network runs along the upper surface. Around each of their yards there are different types of buildings (residences, shops, offices, schools, hospitals, etc) in a pattern similar to that of the garden city: a central park located in the center and green spaces interspersed along the rest of the surface.
Crater-Scraper cities allow vegetation growth also on its cover, capturing rainwater, and then distributing it inward (by the periphery of the crater) through water curtains, or as waterfalls.
According to its creators, this design responds to the unification of the opposite land and underground, artificial and natural disaster and rebirth, creating a utopian reality from the disaster caused by a meteorite.

This model is designed for the city Xiaomiao Xiao, Lixiang Miao, Li Xinmin, Guo and Minzhao within the framework of the eVolo 2013 competition.

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