Cute apartment in Manhattan for relaxing times

February 28, 2014 Comments Off on Cute apartment in Manhattan for relaxing times

Situated on top of a red brick building in the western part of Manhattan, this was an old loft with underutilized space. The area of the apartment was just 40m2, but the master room occupies 7.31 m and this allowed a team of skilled architects to make an important transformation which conveys elegance .
Except the bathroom, all rooms of this Micro Loft are distributed in a single space spread across four platforms. At the lowest level we find the entrance, the bathroom, and the kitchen which is a few steps away from the living room. Upstairs we find the bedroom which staircase leads up to a rooftop garden.
Besides ensuring that each square meter has its utility, this transformation also focuses on details and fine finishes, the appliances remain hidden and a part of the kitchen furniture is used as cabinets. The apartment lacks traditional cabinets.
The materials, textures and colors used help the loft look like a bright and comfortable home. Get your daily dose of inspiration and review the shiny photo gallery.

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