CVA House by Materia Arquitectónica

September 8, 2009 Comments Off on CVA House by Materia Arquitectónica


Located in the vicinity of Mexico City, the project was designed for a relaxed life style family. The long, rectangular site has been on 3 sides by other houses just a short front access face remained limited. The house is alive, around a courtyard that serves as a continuation of the interiors. The design creates a set of defined sequences on the house through the use of natural light and materials.
The private rooms are defined by organic or curved volumes, while keeping the public spaces of a straightforward and transparent character. The curved surfaces to create textures and shadows with traditional handmade Mexican tile and move as lineal. These areas contrast with the glass and concrete elements. The design was looking for a sign of the ongoing exercises undertaken Contrast: public vs. private, heavy vs. light, light against shadow, thus leads to a contemporary expression of processed materials.

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