D * Dynamic: а house with 8 different configurations

October 3, 2012 Comments Off on D * Dynamic: а house with 8 different configurations

We are so used to having a house which is composed of a structure fixed to the ground, it’s hard to understand concepts of this D * Dynamic House: an innovative approach to a structure with four different elements that allow a square configuration which can be transformed into a triangle , passing through different states.
This is an idea that adds the metamorphosis, allowing 8 different configurations, and can adapt to different seasons, or day and night, so that internal divisions can be glass facades, doors windows, and vice versa. The house plans are well researched, have two floors, and a distribution with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, but still can be adapted to different lifestyles.
If, in addition to the house D * Dynamic, we also add solar energy installations, the structure of the house allows the panels to be always oriented to an optimal position. Logically in the field we would have a narrow curved paths that would support each of the moving parts of the house. In theory, all look good, but another thing to put it into practice is to figure out how and in what way we would move each of the flexible architectural parts, and how much energy is needed for this.

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