Dancing Dragons: two new towers in Seoul

June 1, 2012 Comments Off on Dancing Dragons: two new towers in Seoul

A new skyscraper will rise at the International Business District in Seoul. The business district is also known as the Yongsan area, which is famous for the most remarkable architecture of this new century.
These two towers (450 and 390 meters) are designed to accommodate a program of housing and offices, in addition to spaces for shops that will be located inside. According to the creators, the Dancing Dragons bear the influences of the traditional Korean culture, but especially by the succession of cantilevered structures, as if we had two towers, attached to the facade. Some believe that the design is a ‘version’ of the tower that appears in the 17th city in the game Half-Life. Well, that’s possible and we will not discuss it here. Another very powerful aspect of these skyscrapers is the peculiar texture of scales. It is created by its glass facade, with large diamond-shaped elements which have openable vents (600mm).


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