DawnTown Design Contest Winner 2013

May 16, 2013 Comments Off on DawnTown Design Contest Winner 2013

DawnTown has just announced the winners for their 2013 ideas competition entitled Landmark Miami. The theme of this year’s contest carries the name Landmark Miami, because has been focused on finding the new symbol for the future of Miami. Hence the participating architects and designers have concentrated their efforts and innovative design ideas on creating a strong architectural piece that serves as an icon for the city. The jury selected four out of 100 submitted projects, giving three awards and an honorable mention.
The winning idea was titled “Miami Lift” by Studio Dror (USA), and it aims to depict the fame that this city has won as a cosmopolitan holiday destination famous for its beaches, harbors, and harbor cruises. The design is conceived as a single volume, consisting of a triangular section which rises from the ground. The project includes exhibition areas, a library, a theater, a restaurant, and shops that all have their panoramic views to the city and ocean.

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