Decorate your room with items that help you gain clarity

September 16, 2011 Comments Off on Decorate your room with items that help you gain clarity

A living room is the bright space which makes your house even grower. The decor in bright colours  can be often associated with Nordic countries. Yet, it also gains many fans in hot countries.
We spend most of our time in the living room of our house, so we should not hesitate to make changes in the various decorative elements that help us achieve a fresh and bright space.
If you are looking for bright atmosphere, the walls can be painted in all nuances of white, pastel colours and warm brown.  You can also choose a painting with bright particles as it reflects up almost twice the light that creates the feeling of space.

The white roof will help you add depth and expand the space of the room, especially if the ceilings are very high. They also provide a subtle contrast with the wall.
If you wish to contribute to the sense of freshness and give a way to light, you should choose natural and light decors. Vintage decor is romantic and very light, especially if it is in white and the glass is light and transparent. Do not hesitate to use vintage decor  for lamps and coffee tables.

Natural fibers are usually associated with open spaces.  But if you really want to create clarity and lightness in your room, do not put too many decorative pieces.

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