Decorating Coffee Tables- mission is possible

October 7, 2011 Comments Off on Decorating Coffee Tables- mission is possible

A friend told me that his brother made a lovely present to him: a beautiful coffee table that ideally fits his home. The piece consists of a combination of natural wood lacquered with clear glass in a very elegant and modern design. However, my friend shared with me that the coffee table is very large and so far he has decided how to arrange it in the room so it looks neat and elegant.

Basics to decorate coffee tables are related to knowing all the elements you can use to decorate. Many might think that one could use vases with flowers, others only ceramics, but actually anything helps us achieve that personal touch.
You just need to use your imagination and follow the fashion trend if you want. First key to success is  to recognize what elements we can use.
If anything you can offer to your visitors is related to reading, you can place some magazines on the table and match the color of your furniture and cushions.
For example  the color of the books must be consistent with the color of your living room cushions and various colors are harmoniously used to create contrast. If book covered are not in ideal color, you can cover them with colored paper.

If you have a a black and white decor in your room, it’s a great idea to put a sculpture of white or black on the coffee table so that it goes  in line with the rest. Ceramics in general should all be nice and match the color and design of the interior design.

 Flowers  are a classic element in any decor because of their  beauty, fragrance (in some cases) and simplicity. Their shapes and colors allow you to combine both ceramic vases and lovely elements.

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